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Belt Conveyors South Eastern Melbourne

From design to assembly, you can expect us to handle all stages of equipment installation in abattoirs of any size.

Benefits of steel belt meat conveyors

As concerns over food safety and environmental issues are cropping up, the use of stainless steel in meat processing operations is increasing. The benefits of greater hygiene outweigh initial investments in such machinery. Steel belt conveyors are easier to clean and scientifically proven to be more hygienic. This reduces risk of bacterial growth, which in turn reduces consumption of water and chemicals in the cleaning process. They are also able to resist corrosive materials such as blood, fatty acids and salt, and will often operate in conditions of high humidity and varying conditions. E K P ENGINEERING designs and installs high quality steel equipment.

If you are looking for safer and more hygienic equipment in the region of South Eastern Melbourne, make sure to contact E K P ENGINEERING.