Expert in butcher and abattoir equipment

Butchers Equipment Melton

E K P engineering manufactures and installs butchery equipment using locally fabricated, high quality stainless steel.

40 years of experience at your service

Our company has made a name for itself across Australia as the manufacturer of good quality, long-lasting butchers equipment. Some of these equipment include band-saws, mincers, slicers, cutting equipment, sinks, cool-room racking, tumblers, etc. Gone are the days of long and sharp knives and wooden work tables. Now you can expect a standardised meat treatment, from the cleaning to the cutting and packing. Less people, less time and a more hygienic finish. You can also place your orders with us and we will manufacture your equipment as per your design, in the shortest possible delay and at an affordable price.

If you are around the Melton region, do not hesitate to contact us for your order or if you need any advice on the type of materials you should use.