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Stainless Fabrications South Eastern Melbourne

While valuing hygiene is very important, E K P ENGINEERING can also show you the economic benefits of stainless steel equipment

Hygiene can also be cost-effective

A high level of hygiene is absolutely critical in any meat processing plant. Stainless steel machinery is inherently safer for health and on environmental levels. Apart from this, it also impacts on costs. As consumption for water and chemicals in cleaning is low (as much as 25%), the ease with which it can be cleaned also means less downtime. Since stainless fabrications are resistant to corrosion and varying conditions, they have also a longer working life. The abilities to clean faster, more efficiency and be more hygienic are top reasons to closely consider steel technology for meat processing equipment and supplies.

E K P ENGINEERING has a long experience and good reputation for providing top quality stainless steel equipment in the region of South Eastern Melbourne.