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Stainless Fabrications South Of Melbourne

Implementing best practice by choosing steel equipments for abattoirs, gives an attractive return on investment – in terms of both improved commercial benefits and hygiene.

Dedicated to professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We recognize that your requirements are unique, our team will liaise with you in the design, fabrication, installation and start-up phases of your project, as large or as small that it may be, offering quality and cost effective solutions to suit your needs. Our facility is fully equipped with state of the art equipment for machining stainless fabrications. We offer a wide variety of services to meet all your needs - whether it is repair work, large or small run manufacturing. We offer both in-house and on-site consultations. All materials used in the fabrication and equipment refurbishing are compliant with official Australian standards.

If you are looking for valuable design and service in the region of South Of Melbourne, call E K P ENGINEERING for an in-house or on-site consultation.