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Reliable Meat Rail Scales in Rockbank VIC

From manufacturing to installation, E K P ENGINEERING will take care of everything to set up your business.


Whether you are looking for heavy-duty or light-duty meat rail scales, E K P ENGINEERING has the right equipment for you. We are located in Rockbank, Victoria and ship our products throughout Australia as well as globally, depending on the specifics of the order. We manufacture custom-made, high quality scales to fit the specifications of your building.

Other than butcher and abattoir equipment, we also manufacture steel machinery to suit all your needs in meat processing installations.

E K P ENGINEERING has the right equipment for you


Meat Rail Scales Rockbank VIC


It is important to have reliable equipment, such as meat rail scales, to reduce wastage and increase your profit margin. We use expert welding and manufacturing techniques to ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality and lasts a long time.

Having been in the industry for over 40 years, we have the required knowledge and expertise to deliver the highest standards for our customers.

We have the required knowledge and expertise  


Meat Rail Scales Melbourne

Why Choose Us:

  • High quality equipment
  • Customized equipment
  • Expert welding techniques
  • Durable equipment

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